Each customer is unique. We operate with integrity and strive to provide best quality, reliable daily service at a competitive price. No Gimmicks. Please contact our office for most competitive pricing and a full price list.

We keep the pricing consistent for all customers. If your volumes are high, most competitive and customized pricing is provided. Many big box competitors entice customers with gimmicks like introductory pricing, hidden surcharges, long term binding contracts, inventory charges, environmental charges, among many other tactics. We believe that a true business model based on customer success should be that of 'Value, Quality and Integrity', where a customer is retained because of the value and service rather than long term contracts and misleading fine print. The following is a simple example to show how hidden charges stack up ..

Typical Big Box
Napkins (120 serviced)                $0.11               $13.20
Inventory Charges (Min 250)    $0.11               $14.30 
Delivery Charges                                                   $5.95
Other Surcharges                                                 $3.50
Total                                                                          $36.95
Heath Laundry
Napkins (120 serviced)                $0.12          $14.40 
Min Delivery                                                        $0.60
Total                                                                      $15.00

Above is an indicative example only. It is advised to pay close attention to pricing tactics and gimmicks that may come in many forms that may not be visible at a surface level but will come to surprise you. Long term contracts may not help once you are locked in. We believe that a simple, transparent pricing model that retains customers based on value, quality and integrity is a Win-Win for Us and You.